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Please note: counseling with Vince is only available to members of the Path to Ultimate Freedom, the Freedom Walk Path and graduates of the Love’s Awakening 4-Day Seminar.

Fill in the form below to send a counseling session request to Vince. Be sure to include meeting time and date preferences.

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Spiritual Counseling Agreement

Regarding the Services offered by the Center of The Golden One

Spiritual counseling (including Spiritual Coaching and Spiritual Mediation) can help people address all aspects of being human from a heartfelt spiritual perspective, encompassing body, mind, heart and soul. By expanding self­ awareness and desire, one can find clarity, peace of mind, joy, and clear next steps toward fulfilling personal goals. This can lead to more partnership and love in all relationships—self, others and with God or higher power.

Spiritual Counseling is transformational in nature and will likely at times require tolerating discomfort to learn and to change. It is up to the client to choose to undertake any guidance, advice, suggestions or direction offered by your spiritual counselor. You are responsible for any actions or changes you decide to make in your life, and you are asked to consider how the changes you make or actions that you take may affect you or others in your life.

The help being offered is of a spiritual nature and is not a substitute for any psychological process. If you have any history of serious or ongoing psychological problems (for example, if you have ever been hospitalized for psychiatric care, or have ever been suicidal), you must disclose that history to your spiritual counselor.

We reserve the right to not provide services or to terminate services with people that present circumstances beyond the scope of our expertise or where in our discretion we feel spiritually you might be better served to seek assistance elsewhere.

To get the most benefit from your session, it is suggested that you take some time to sit and think and write down the points or questions you want to discuss or get help with prior to your session.


Initiating Sessions

Each individual client will be responsible for initiating session phone calls, Skype video conferences or attending onsite meetings with your spiritual counselor for scheduled appointments on time.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel a session 24 hours in advance, there will be no charge. Otherwise, you will be expected to pay full price.

Questions and Concerns

If you ever have questions or concerns about your session or a spiritual counselor, the Supervisor to contact is Claire Easton.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

In exchange for being provided Spiritual Counseling support services, I agree not to sue either my spiritual counselor or The Center of The Golden One for any injury or loss I might claim resulting from the Spiritual Counseling services provided by the Center of The Golden One and its spiritual counselors, and I assume the risk of any such injury or loss including but not limited to any damages, injury or loss due to the negligence of the Center or its Counselors.

I represent that I am over the age of 18 and acknowledge I have carefully read, understand and voluntarily agree to all of the above statements and terms.

Printable PDF of this agreement: spiritualcounseling-agreement