Center of the Golden One offers these gifts to the world:

The Love’s Awakening Seminars are transformational experiences that help people discover who they truly are beyond their fear, concepts and conditioning.

The Gourasana Meditation Practice is a modern-day meditation meant to address the needs of people living in this day and age.

  • It was first taught by Gourasana in 1995.
  • Traditionally, throughout the ages, every Incarnation of God brings a meditation practice that carries the power for that period appropriate to the circumstances of the world they live in.
  • It gives you understanding about the very nature of going within and going deeper.
  • This practice facilitates living in a fast-paced, high intensity world, supporting you to pursue spiritual practice without having to withdraw from society.
  • The meditation practice is infused with a transformational energy and special assistance to help you gain a greater sense of well-being, material and spiritually. You can gain more control of your mind, senses, and emotions – without repression or denial.
  • It takes you to a natural calm space where you can gain more awareness to better deal with the complexities of daily life.

The College of Living Transformation is currently under development. It will provide resources to help individuals understand the basic predicament of human life.  It will offer tools to apply in every day situations that can help bring an end to their personal disturbance, upset, suffering and conflict.