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Change in Structure

Sep 21, 2022 | News

We Are Changing Our Organizational Structure,

and We’re Pretty Happy About It


Debra Larsen for the Business Team:

When Kalindi was here in the body, She spoke extensively about Her vision for the Mission and gave direction in many areas for bringing that vision into being. One area She spoke about was how the organization needs to be structured and how we need to work together to do what God needs us to do as a Mission, always with love, care, and respect.

Recently a group of people took everything Kalindi said about the organization and also everything The Lady has directed, we studied and thought about all of it to come to what we need to do about it now.

We have implemented a new leadership structure at the top of the organization, and we are taking a fresh look at various departments and service jobs to make sure we are fully aligned with what Kalindi intended.

There has been a desire for this since Kalindi spoke about it, but we feel we are now really capturing what Kalindi told us would be needed to support everything Gourasana, Kalindi and The Lady are bringing to the world.

The Lady said: “When Spirit moves, the organization supports.” We are taking big steps to ensure that happens.

The new Business Team at the Home Center:

CEO – Katy Pillar

Supervisor of Supervisor – Movement & Care of People – Michele Campbell

Supervisor of Supervisor – Teachings to the World – Rachael Wilder

Supervisor of Supervisor – Support & Protection for the Mission – Deborah Byers

Spiritual Leadership Representative – Lani Searfoss

CFO – Siddhartha Steffy

Vision Team (Think Tanks, long-term planning) Representative – Debra Larsen

Here are a few of the comments we have received as Center volunteers learn about and begin to experience the new structure and a new tracking and reporting system that we are implementing as we bring in the structure:

“I feel so much care in how this is being presented and implemented.”

“I’m happy to feel part of something bigger for the Mission.”

“I can feel Kalindi at the center of everything we are doing.”

“It’s a new day for Center of The Golden One.”

More changes are in the works and will be coming over the next months. Stay tuned.