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Center of The Golden One offers many different ways to participate in spiritual exploration and movement. Many people just drop into meditations, evenings of spiritual discussion, and introductory webinars when they feel so pulled and take advantage of the Center’s wide variety of spiritual teachings that awaken and feed the soul.

The teachings and programs of the Center are available for people at all levels of spiritual inquisitiveness, of different religious or spiritual beliefs, and for those with no spiritual experience or beliefs at all. So no matter where you are in your exploration of spiritual life, the Center has many opportunities for spiritual movement and learning.

Some people also come to the Center and realize that they are at a point in their spiritual life that they desire a more structured, supportive environment to do deeper spiritual work. They are craving something more and want to have a more consistent, and perhaps a more serious, focus of finding truth, spiritual awareness and freedom.

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Kalindi created two paths for Center of The Golden One for those who have this desire for deeper inner work with God and want more regular association with others who have similar spiritual desires.

The two paths that Kalindi created are: The Path to Ultimate Freedom and Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation. Each path has specific teachings and programs from Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady designed for the level of spiritual work desired. Both paths are under the spiritual direction of The Lady, the current living spiritual master for Center of The Golden One.

Both paths participate together in meditations and events at the Center, along with those who participate on a drop-in basis. Everyone participating at the Center is part of the community created by Kalindi, Gourasana, and The Lady for all those who desire spiritual nourishment, movement, awakening, and God’s love and truth.

Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation

is a path for those who want to do the work of getting more and more freed up from the illusion and find more love, compassion, joy, and awareness for yourself and to share with others.

The Path to Ultimate Freedom

is designed for people who have a desire and personal urgency to attain full awakening and return back to the true Home of God, breaking the cycle of birth and death, in this lifetime.

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