Love's Awakening Gateway

A Transformational Seminar

Everyone is praying in some way or another.
Whether you call it God or not,
there is a prayer and a longing going on
in so many people right now.
Thousands and thousands of people are longing and searching
for the truth, for freedom, for love.
What everyone is searching for is love.
But they don’t know how to find it.

 – The Lady

Sharon talks about the
Love’s Awakening Gateway

The Love’s Awakening Gateway provides a doorway into deeper work with Center of The Golden One and to Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation, if that is your desire.

The Love’s Awakening Gateway offers a unique opportunity to:


  • Face and release pent-up pain and create an opening for a direct experience of God, Truth, and Love.
  • Gain new awareness about the constant dissatisfaction and longing of the heart and soul that is a part of our human experience.
  • Experience the power of prayer and get personally connected to the benevolent transformational energy and loving power of God.
  • Connect to and be assisted by the guidance, teachings, presence and power of an Incarnation of God and two Spiritual Masters for the World, Kalindi and The Lady.
  • Further your journey Home to God.


  • The Love’s Awakening Gateway will be facilitated by Lani Searfoss and Sharon Heller. It will be a totally virtual event, enabling you to participate from wherever you live. 


  • Have attended at least two Wednesday Evenings of Meditation.
    Learn more and register for Evenings of Meditation HERE.
  • Must be at least 18 to participate. This is a drug and alcohol-free event.



  • Participating from the United States: $595.00
    $495.00 if you register by March 8
  • Participating from Latin America: $420.00
    $340.00 register by March 8
  • $150.00 deposit is required at registration
  • Pricing includes the April 8-10 sessions and three Monday night follow-up sessions.


Ready to Register?

Registration for the April Gateway will open in February. If you want to be notified when registration opens,  Email us at lagateway-denver@miracle.org.


If you have questions about the Love’s Awakening Gateway, we are happy to talk with you personally. Email us at lagateway-denver@miracle.org and someone will get back with you promptly.