The Simple Path Series

Devotion In Relationships (22 min)



A Kalindi lecture from The Simple Path to God series. You will never find the real love that you are looking for in a personal relationship. It actually stops the True Self from manifesting. However, if a man and a woman are firmly rooted in God and know God as the source of the love, are there to help each other go deeper into their surrender to God, then they can have a very incredible relationship. Full love can be offered to each other, just as it is to God, but not confusing that the other is the source of the love. Once your life is dedicated to God you will not have so many expectations and needs of your partner. It all stems from a natural place in the heart. It is real and it cannot be made up. One thing that must happen is that exclusivity must be let go of to get to a truly detached state. The only thing stopping you from having this sweet relationship is the illusion.

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