Freedom Walk Handbook and Application


The Freedom Walk Path of Transformation

Freedom Walk offers an open and moveable structure to help you live your life in rapid spiritual transformation at whatever pace matches your desire and lifestyle.

  • It is a path of transformation.
  • It is a path of growing God-consciousness.
  • It is a path of meditating.
  • It is a path of giving. There is a true spiritual pleasure that comes from giving in service to God.
  • It is a path of ecstasy and joy because it is about connecting to the love of God deep within and about bringing God’s love into the world.
  • It is about giving and loving.
  • It is about love and light.

Freedom Walk offers you:

  • Participation from wherever you live on the globe.
  • Spiritual leadership under the supervision of a live spiritual master.
  • Spiritual focus that is current and connected to the movement of Center of The Golden One.
  • Regular personal spiritual support in group settings.
  • Association with others who are also on a journey of transformation.
  • Spiritual talks, teachings, and practices.
  • Weekly 2 ½ hour meditations.
  • Ongoing spiritual direction and programs.
  • Online site to interact with others 24/7, and receive guidance, teachings and direction.

Find out more by reading the Freedom Walk Handbook!

If you have any questions about Freedom Walk Path of Transformation or the application process, please email us at

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