Center of The Golden One (the Center) is here to assist individuals on their spiritual journey – whether it be full awakening and returning Home in this lifetime, or living a life of achieving higher awareness, truth, and love.

"Everyone Is Searching for Love"

excerpt by The Lady speaking about Gourasana

God's Pure Love and Light

One underlying principle that guides all of the offerings of the Center is that as more and more people endeavor to release the things that cause suffering and separation and move toward breaking the cycle of birth and death and return Home, more of God’s pure love and light comes into the world to help all of humankind.

Our Offerings

The Founders of Center of The Golden One, Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady introduced a meditation practice, transformational seminars, teachings, and paths of participation to support people in their spiritual endeavors. These offerings are available today to anyone who wishes to explore or participate.