We each have a soul, the true part in each of us that is connected to the Source of everything. Souls come to this material world from our true Home of Spirit to have an experience of being separate from God. The moment souls arrive in this material existence they start their journey back Home, lifetime after lifetime. This journey is driven by a deep longing to end this cycle of birth and death and reunite again back with God, the Source.

This longing is felt as an inner nagging, a sense that something “just isn’t quite right,” or a feeling of wanting something more, even when things are seemingly going well in life. We try to fill this nagging, longing of the soul in many different material ways – a new relationship, a better paying job, a nicer car, a beach vacation.

But eventually our consciousness starts to line up with our soul’s longing for Home and a shift in our search occurs. We come to realize that things of this material world don’t satisfy our deepest yearning and we embark on a different kind of search – a search for truth, for higher awareness, for a different kind of fulfillment.

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For those who have arrived at this part of their journey, Center of The Golden One is here to assist with their soul’s desire – whether it be full awakening and returning Home in this lifetime, or living a path of achieving higher awareness, truth, and love.

As more and more people set forth on the endeavor to break the cycle of birth and death and return Home, more of God’s pure love and light comes into this world to help all of humankind.

Excerpt from the talk

“Everyone is Searching for Love”

spoken by The Lady in 2013.

Excerpt from the talk

“Everyone is Going Home”

spoken by Kalindi in 2010.