Falling Asleep in Prayer Package

Now through August 2023, this package of talks from Kalindi and The Lady are available as a gift.

New Photos of The Lady

Inspiration for your altar and meditations,
from the 2019 Retreat.

Emergency Preparedness

The Founders of Center of The Golden One have spoken about the importance of preparing for emergencies – both practically and spiritually – not only for our own survival but also to increase brotherhood and sisterhood worldwide and the highest love amongst us all.

The Radical Path Home to God

by Gourasana

Gourasana reveals the nature of the illusion that binds us to suffering and rebirth.


“One of the biggest problems in the world today is lack of brotherhood around the world…”


This collection of talks from Kalindi are Her inspiration for us in our practice of forgiveness, compassion, and love for all of our brothers and sisters worldwide.

World Message on Love

Kalindi spoke the talk, “World Message on Love” on December 19, 2007. She spoke many messages for the world to wake up and come together in love and compassion for all people. Kalindi’s message in this talk is relevant today in this time of unrest and separation”

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The Founders

“If you are someone who is looking for a spiritual path, awakening, spiritual freedom, going back Home to God, union with God, love of God, or a full state of awareness, I urge you to check out the various offerings of Center of The Golden One.” –Kalindi


“All people who come to Center of The Golden One to transform will be greatly assisted to move spiritually as much as they desire; consequently, the world will be helped by so many of you finding more love of God and the desire to help humankind in so many individual ways.” –Kalindi

Road to Freedom

Receive a new talk every month on a variety of topics designed to help you get free from the things that are binding you!

Free Downloads

Here are some free gifts for you – including talks and booklets from Gourasana, Kalindi La Gourasana and The Lady. Updated Monthly so check back often!