Ultimate Freedom: Union with God

by Kalindi

Guidance and inspiration from Kalindi for the current-day awakening and for anyone seeking spiritual freedom. Experience Kalindi’s many moods and expressions with this beautiful collection.

The Father Prayer

spoken by The Lady

The Lady speaking her masterpiece prayer for the world from her own “personal knowing and direct experience of – The Father.”

Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death

by Gourasana

A masterpiece collection of quotes from a current-day Incarnation of God. Gourasana offers truth, inspiration, and guidance essential for ending separation, breaking free of the illusion, and returning Home to God.

Fall Asleep in Prayer

spoken by The Lady

Instruction on a powerful practice to facilitate fast spiritual movement during your sleeping hours. Audio compilation of four talks by The Lady speaking Gourasana’s words about falling asleep in prayer.

The Fruits of the Holy Spirit Talk

spoken by The Lady

The Lady speaks about the meaning of
of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and the great spiritual benefits we can receive by striving to live by them.

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