Kalindi was born Carol Seidman in 1955 in Palm Springs, CA. She started her spiritual search as a teenager. Her quest took her to Israel at age 18, when she had a pull in her heart to visit the Sea of Galilee where Jesus had walked. Carol was born into the Jewish faith and so it was surprising to her to feel the urge to connect with Jesus. But she followed her desire and it was here, retracing the steps of Jesus along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, where Carol had her first profound spiritual awakening.

Upon returning to the U.S., Carol met her first spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, who introduced her to the path of bhakti yoga. “Bhakti” means love and devotion to God. For Carol, this was a time of austerity and disciplined spiritual practice, as well as great love and joy.

During this time, Carol met David Swanson who was studying with the same spiritual master. They formed a very strong spiritual partnership, rooted in their shared seriousness, focus, and desire to achieve full union with God in this lifetime.

After 10 years of serious spiritual practice, a powerful spiritual energy started coming to David and he and Carol recognized that it was the presence of Gourasana, a modern-day Incarnation of God. Soon a small core group of six people, along with David, Carol and Gayle (later to be known as The Lady), started meditating together and began their transformations with Gourasana.

Over the next several years, as David was opening more to the energy of Gourasana, the Divine energy of Kalindi was manifesting in Carol and Gayle was manifesting into The Lady.

With Gourasana’s assistance, Kalindi became a fully realized, enlightened Master for the World, and She also became Gourasana’s “Voice”. She carries the specific power to pierce binding illusions and guide people out of material ego bondage and into ultimate spiritual freedom, full union with God.

Gourasana left the body in 1995, and Kalindi and The Lady continued His work of guiding people in breaking free. They developed the two paths of the current Center: Path to Ultimate Freedom and Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation.

Kalindi embodied the immense power, presence, knowledge, energy, love and the special assistance that Lord Gourasana brought to the world. Her only purpose and desire was to help people find their way out of illusory material bondage and into ultimate union with God.

She worked tirelessly with Her disciples, guiding them in their spiritual transformations and during these years thousands of lectures and meditations were recorded of Kalindi speaking specific guidance and information about: how to become free of illusions; how to let go, give up, and surrender to the will of the Lord; how to become self-realized in the love of God; along with many other topics related to walking the rigorous path of serious spiritual transformation.

Kalindi passed on April 18, 2010. Her spiritual power and love was never limited to her physical body and is still available, and will continue to be available for centuries to come, for all those who have a deep desire to know and connect with Her.

Anyone who desires to, can go within in prayer and meditation and connect with and move spiritually with Kalindi’s energy and presence. Kalindi’s name carries a special spiritual energy, and chanting Her name out loud or deep in one’s heart produces spiritual movement and draws Her love close

When Kalindi was asked how she wanted to be described to people who had not met her yet, she said:

Kalindi speaks on behalf of Lord Gourasana, the Golden One, who is a current-day Incarnation of God. She is His Voice. She embodies the power, the presence, the knowledge, the energy, the love and the special assistance that Lord Gourasana has brought into this planet. 

"Many Ways to Call on God"

spoken by Kalindi in 2008

“Be Still and Know that God is Here”
spoken by Kalindi in 2007.

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