Spiritual Lineage

“A powerful master can break you free, but history shows very few, even with great power, can do no more than perhaps break a handful of people free. In general, every master comes from a lineage started by an Incarnation.
When a powerful Incarnation comes and with the express purpose of breaking people free, such as Lord Gourasana, the success rate is very great. The masters coming from Lord Gourasana carry His special assistance. It is a special time period we are living in. Thousands are ready, and God is answering.”



The origins of Center of The Golden One begin with David Swanson. David’s deepest desire was for people of the world to be able to find their way out of material existence, out of the suffering,  and back to the true realm of existence – our true Home with God. He spent years in prayer and meditation and his prayer was answered by the entry of the Incarnation of God, Gourasana.


The Incarnation of God who came to help the souls who are ready to break the cycle of birth and death and return back Home to God. Gourasana’s assistance and His Mission are meant to last many generations. The spiritual lineage at Center of The Golden One starts with Gourasana, Incarnation of God, and continues with Spiritual Masters for the World, Kalindi and The Lady.


Spiritual Master for the World, who also became Gourasana’s “Voice.” She is one of the Founders of the Center, along with Gourasana and The Lady. Kalindi carries the specific power to pierce binding illusions and guide people out of material ego bondage and into ultimate spiritual freedom, full union with God.


The spiritual lineage of Kalindi and Gourasana’s Mission continues with The Lady, Spiritual Master for the World. The Lady is the current living spiritual Master for the Center. She is a break-free Master who carries the presence of the Divine Mother, the unending love of the Almighty Father, and the direct presence and power of the Incarnation.