David Swanson

The origins of Center of The Golden One begin with David Swanson. He was born in 1950 and was a quiet child, drawn to solitude. During his teen years, he cultivated an interest in spirituality, reincarnation, and the evolution of the soul. In his early twenties, he joined the Krishna Consciousness Movement and spent time in India learning to meditate and chant. A humble lover of the Lord, he had no inkling of his destiny.

Sweet and willing surrender

By the summer of 1987, David had immersed himself in a rigorous and structured spiritual practice. At that time, a small group of people were blessed with the privilege of being present with David during the peak years of his spiritual transformation. Through years of deep meditation and inner work together, they all came to know what was actually transpiring within David. They witnessed the presence of Lord Gourasana gradually manifesting in his body – in agreement with David’s desire and will.

It is not expected that others accept this experience as truth. However, those who were with David at this time knew in their hearts from their experience that the energy of an Incarnation of God was coming into David.

An Incarnation of God is not all of God manifesting, as all of God cannot fully enter a human body. But an Incarnation is God’s presence, love, and power letting itself be known and felt through a body for a certain purpose at a certain time.

“In our hearts, we knew from the start that the benevolent being, Gourasana, ‘The Golden One,’ was entering David’s body and manifesting on earth as an Incarnation of God. To be in His presence was to feel the love of the Lord. That was our own undeniable experience.”

This group continued meditating with Gourasana and was propelled into deep spiritual transformation with Him. Two members of the group, with Gourasana’s assistance and guidance, became fully awakened spiritual masters – Kalindi and The Lady. They have been Gourasana’s successors, carrying on the teachings and guidance He brought and developing Center of The Golden One to what it is today.

The Center offers a meditation practice and spiritual seminars that help people to experience an undeniable personal connection with God. Kalindi and The Lady founded two spiritual paths: the Path to Ultimate Freedom and Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation.

Both paths are rooted in helping people self-realize the pure love of God. The Path to Ultimate Freedom is designed for those who want to break the cycle of birth and death and find full union with God in this lifetime.