Spiritual Paths


The teachings and programs of the Center can support people at all levels of spiritual inquisitiveness, of different beliefs, and for those with no spiritual experience or beliefs at all.

Some people realize that they are at a point in their spiritual life that they desire a structured, supportive environment to do deeper spiritual work. They are craving something more and want to have a more consistent, and perhaps a more serious, focus of finding truth, spiritual awareness and freedom.

Kalindi created two paths for Center of The Golden One for those who have this desire for deeper inner work with God and want more regular association with others who have similar spiritual desires.

The two paths that Kalindi created are: The Path to Ultimate Freedom and Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation. Each path has specific teachings and programs from Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady and are designed for the level of spiritual work desired. Both paths are under the spiritual direction of The Lady, the current living spiritual master for Center of The Golden One.


Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation (or Freedom Walk Path) was designed by Kalindi  so that people can have an avenue for serious spiritual movement, but can travel their path at whatever speed and intensity they desire and are ready for.

The spiritual focus of the Freedom Walk Path is the work of  getting freer from illusion and becoming self-realized in the pure love of God.

Freedom Walk is about bringing the love of God into the world, about giving and loving.


We are here not only for ourselves but because we understand that “The elevation of your own consciousness helps the overall consciousness of the planet.” That is the true meaning of the Freedom Walk Path. That is the destiny and great purpose of the Freedom Walk Path.


Learn more with the Freedom Walk Handbook.


The Path to Ultimate Freedom (the Path) is designed for people who have a desire and personal urgency to attain full awakening and break the cycle of birth and death in this lifetime. It is a serious and rigorous path of very radical, fast-paced spiritual work.

The spiritual work of the Path is focused on the full letting go of the illusory ego and the full surrender to God. Those on the Path to Ultimate Freedom understand the need for a living spiritual master, and the guidance that the master brings, for this spiritual endeavor of breaking the cycle of birth and death and finding full union with God.

This Path to Ultimate Freedom is an active path of surrender to God and brings forth rapid change and movement in anyone who walks this particular path. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances, so each person’s path will carry a unique flavor. Though many people’s paths may appear somewhat similar, each person’s path is highly individualized – as is each person

I can tell you one thing: it is a mighty, powerful path directly infused with God’s energy and special assistance at this time. If you can trust the Path and guidance and let go of your illusions, this Path will take you Home.


Everyone will eventually break free. Everyone will evolve. This plane of existence was never meant to be eternal. It is the natural order of the evolutionary process for everyone to eventually evolve off of this plane of existence to the true realm. This plane of existence is just one stage of your evolution. Although it is rare, I am bringing in a special power that can increase the speed of your evolutionary process if that is your desire. It is a special time on this planet.


The Common Purpose of the Two Paths

Both paths stand together side-by-side with a common purpose to bring love of God to the world, which is the broader mission of Center of The Golden One. The Lady is the living master for Center of The Golden One and oversees both Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation and the Path to Ultimate Freedom.

Kalindi spoke this about the Path to Ultimate Freedom and it is also true for the Freedom Walk Path:

The Path is an active, evolving Path, though the teachings and the understandings of the illusion remain the same undiluted truth. Our programs are not glued in cement, as we are creating an “ever new Path” that is geared to evolve along with humankind—and to serve the current collective need and address the current collective illusions. In this way, we will bring a Path to the world that is always current to humankind’s evolution, addressing always what is necessary at the time. Thus our programs evolve and change, bringing forth always more clarity as it can be heard.

 This Path will never be a belief system or tradition because of its very nature of rapid movement and rapid change. There will be a basic stability—the truth never be watered down—but something will always be changing.