Gateway Seminar

The Seminar is meant to be available for the world at large and people can receive great benefit from it without necessarily continuing any other work with the Center.

There is a longing and a readiness in the hearts of many, many people to journey deep within and find union again with the unconditional love of God. The soul’s longing for God is buried beneath deep layers of pain in each of us. This pain manifests in the chaos and hatred that we see expressed in the world today.

The work of the Gateway Seminar is to uncover this longing in our heart…

…and have the opportunity to get freed up from deep layers of pain, so that more love from God can fill us. When we open up to the love and energy of God, true healing is possible, our pain starts to have less of a hold on us, and we are able to share more love with others.

The Seminar provides a sacred space to do this deep work and tap into an intensity of desire for truth and love and to also connect to a very powerful spiritual energy, which Gourasana called the “Transformational Energy.” This energy from God assists us in moving internal blocks so that we can make space within to be filled with light, love, truth, and awareness directly from Source.

It is a deep, profound, sacred, joyous and for many, a life-changing experience.

In the Seminar, in the depth of your opening, it is possible for you to come in touch with the realm of Spirit. Gourasana called this realm the True Realm of Existence; it is our true Home.

You can also connect, maybe for the first time, with the true part of yourself that is eternal and is never disconnected from the Source and the True Realm of Existence. In that connection, you experience in your heart the unconditional love from God for you and all of humankind.

About the Seminar

by Kalindi | Spoken to a group in 1995

"Everyone is Searching for Love"

The Lady speaking about the Seminar

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