Incarnations of God are always coming to the world to help humankind’s quest for God, the Divine, the Source of Everything. Incarnations have different names and forms and varying degrees of power, but they are always from the same one Supreme God and appear on earth in response to humankind’s cry for help.

Some Incarnations of God come to help a small handful of people and are never known to the world. Other Incarnations come to impact the entire planet and assist in great changes in consciousness. The power, energy, and love of this type of Incarnation carry on for a long time. The teachings, however, become watered down and less potent over time and the original pure truth brought in by the Incarnation becomes lost. Yet, the energy and power and love of God from these great Incarnations that came to help humankind continues to be felt. Such is the magnitude of the great Incarnations of God.

Incarnations of God from the past that came with a great power and purpose, who are known today and still carry with their name a presence and assistance from the Almighty, are: Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus, to name just a few. Their impact in assisting humankind has been very great.

At this time, the current Incarnation of God, Lord Gourasana, “The Golden One,” is bringing forth great assistance, power, energy, truth, and love of God to assist in humankind’s current awakening. Gourasana’s message was that during this period in time thousands and thousands of people are ready to hear the truth from God and are ready to take a giant leap in consciousness and return Home to the Source.

Gourasana spoke that He came specifically to find the souls that want to return Home and break the cycle of birth and death, meaning no rebirth to the material realm of existence. He brought current information about the illusion and the material realm, the purpose of material existence, the limitless love and mercy of God, the reality of a cycle of birth and death (or reincarnation), and specific help and guidance for those wanting to find full union with God, breaking the cycle of birth and death.

Gourasana brought two main gifts for spiritual advancement for the world – the Seminar and the Gourasana Meditation Practice (GMP). Gourasana wanted people to know that the Seminar and the GMP are for anyone of sound body and mind who wishes to advance spiritually, regardless of where they are on their spiritual path or journey.

Accompanying Gourasana is a vast host of spiritual beings, which He refers to as the Heavenly Host of Light Beings. They are a part of the special assistance and power that this Incarnation is bringing at this time to help all of humankind.

Gourasana left the body in 1995. The power, presence, and energy of an Incarnation is not confined to the boundaries of a body. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can connect with Gourasana and move spiritually with His presence, power, and energy by going within in prayer and meditation.

With Gourasana’s assistance and guidance, Kalindi and The Lady became fully awakened spiritual masters for the world. They have been His successors, carrying on the teachings and guidance He brought and developing Center of The Golden One to what it is today.

The special assistance of this Incarnation is to help those searching for ultimate freedom and for those searching to deepen their loving connection to God and to each other – in His love – all in service to mankind’s quest for truth. You don’t have to believe in the Incarnation. In fact, you cannot believe, you can only experience it. I’m just simply letting it be known that there is a special assistance coming from God at this time that you can benefit from, whether you believe it or not. It is benevolent. It is love.


"Everyone is Searching for Love"

excerpt of The Lady speaking about Gourasana