The Lady


The Lady, born Gayle Astle, was a teacher for special-needs children in San Diego, California, and a self-described “wall flower,” “an ordinary person who had no feeling or knowledge of God.” Gayle had never thought much of God or spirituality in her life. When she was in her 40’s she was encouraged to attend a seminar for inner transformation, which proved to be a turning point in her life.

In the seminar she uncovered a love and a passion she had never before experienced, and she knew that God had begun to work with her. It was then that she dedicated herself, as she described, “to my own spiritual transformation so that every man, woman and child would experience the love of God.”

Gayle began helping in the seminar, and it was through her work there that she met David Swanson and Carol (later to be known as Kalindi.) Carol and David had a desire for God and spiritual life and they spoke about awareness and God-consciousness in ways that were unique and different from anyone else Gayle had ever met. She felt her own awareness change and grow each time she was with them. Gayle was irrevocably drawn to be with David and Carol and the destined friendship between the three of them began.

In 1987 Carol invited Gayle to come meditate with Carol and David at their house. David’s transformation had begun in earnest and many profound and significant changes were happening with him, physically and spiritually. Gayle did not understand fully what was taking place but knew that something quite exceptional was happening. She became a steadfast friend and devoted support for David and Carol.

During that time the vast presence, power, and energy of Gourasana began to manifest in the body of David. A small, serious, dedicated group of people came together and started meditating with David, Carol, and Gayle. The group’s awareness and consciousness was rapidly changing and growing through meditation with Gourasana and they were directly opening up to the transformational light and love of God.

Describing this period, The Lady has said, “Gourasana’s presence was like everything your concepts would think that an Incarnation would be, which enabled us to trust. His presence was awesome, was sacred . . . His presence was so strong.”

The Lady

The Lady is Kalindi’s first disciple, and is a testament to the spiritual power and unconditional love of Gourasana and Kalindi. She walks the path they taught her of “let go, give up, surrender,” and she now teaches that fiery path to those who desire to find ultimate spiritual freedom. The Lady will say that she always points people within to connect deeply to Kalindi and Gourasana, and to self-realize the teachings and guidance they brought for people to break free and find full union with God.

The Lady is a pure, self-realized, modern-day spiritual Master for the World who is leading people Home to God and into spiritual freedom. She carries the divine presence of the Mother, and the unending love of the Almighty Father. And, as one who was with Gourasana while He was in the body, she carries the direct presence and power of the Incarnation. With The Lady’s guidance and direction, there are many who are now finding their way Home to God.

One of the gifts that The Lady embodies and has to share with humankind is the depth, sacredness, love and power of true prayer. Kalindi said of The Lady that “she is here to teach the world to pray.”

The Lady is the current spiritual master of Center of The Golden One and carries on the spiritual lineage passed on from Gourasana and Kalindi.

In February 2008 Kalindi created a special website in honor of The Lady. Kalindi said of The Lady:  She is a Spiritual Master for the World teaching how to walk the path to ultimate freedom. If you want to know God and you want to know the truth, then you want to know The Lady and be with Her. Come Home to God and spiritual freedom.


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The real purpose of prayer and meditation,
of single-minded desire for truth and self-realization,
is to travel deeply enough within yourself
to begin to attract to you God’s presence and guidance…

so that you can walk together with God hand in hand through the maze of illusions
and enter into another reality which is more true and real
than anything of this earthly plane.

The True Realm of Existence is found in a depth
that is ever-expanding and ever-changing,
infinite, and eternal.

The True Realm of Existence is Home.


The Lady speaking a prayer

in meditation at the 2010 Retreat

"Everyone is Searching for Love"

excerpt spoken by The Lady from the talk in 2013



The Christian faith has a well-known prayer called the “Our Father” or “The Lord’s Prayer.” The Lady began working on her own version of this prayer in the 1990’s out of a desire to create a universal prayer that honored the current-day Incarnation of the Father, Lord Gourasana.

In December of 2014, The Lady formally gave The Father Prayer as a Christmas gift to the Center of The Golden One congregation. This “original” version has been available in the Denver Center’s bookstore ever since.

Since then The Lady continues to evolve and revise The Father Prayer. The most current version of The Father Prayer is below. You can download both the original and this current version of the prayer at the online bookstore here.

The Lady offers this prayer to the world, regardless of religion or spiritual belief, as a profound spiritual guide, tool, and teaching for walking the serious path of becoming “freer and freer” and coming ever closer to God, as well as approaching breaking free in this lifetime.