We each have a soul, the true part in each of us that is connected to the Source of everything. Souls come to this material world from our true Home of Spirit to have an experience of being separate from God. The moment souls arrive in this material existence they start their journey back Home, lifetime after lifetime. This journey is driven by a deep longing to end this cycle of birth and death and reunite again back with God, the Source.

This longing is felt as an inner nagging, a sense that something “just isn’t quite right,” or a feeling of wanting something more, even when things are seemingly going well in life. We try to fill this nagging, longing of the soul in many different material ways – a new relationship, a better paying job, a nicer car, a beach vacation.

But eventually our consciousness starts to line up with our soul’s longing for Home and a shift in our search occurs. We come to realize that things of this material world don’t satisfy our deepest yearning and we embark on a different kind of search – a search for truth, for higher awareness, for a different kind of fulfillment.

For those who have arrived at this part of their journey, Center of The Golden One is here to assist with their soul’s desire – whether it be full awakening and returning Home in this lifetime, or living a path of achieving higher awareness, truth, and love.

As more and more people set forth on the endeavor to break the cycle of birth and death and return Home, more of God’s pure love and light comes into this world to help all of humankind.

"Everyone Is Searching for Love"

excerpt by The Lady speaking about Gourasana

"Everyone Is Going Home"

excerpt of talk spoken by Kalindi in 2010

Mission Statement

The express purpose of the Incarnation of God, Lord Gourasana, is to help those who are ready for a leap in consciousness to break the cycle of birth and death and return back Home to God. He has come in answer to the cry of the thousands who are ready. His desire is to see to it that those people have the help that they need to succeed.

Over time, the ultimate effect and bigger picture of this Incarnation coming is that the pure love of God is meant to come into the world in a massive way, and that phenomenon of love will assist the evolution of the collective consciousness. The more people there are throughout the world who come into the light and love of God, the more the great pure love and light of God will come into the world. Without that express purpose, the ultimate effect will not happen. You have to come into the light yourself in order for the light to come out of you and into the world.

People who come into the light and stay in the light will carry on God’s global mission to bring His love and light to the world. That is their job: to bring God’s love. Their breaking free has the vortex of light – the opening that the Incarnation made – become bigger and the doorway Home continue to be accessible for the next two millenniums.

There are thousands upon thousands ready at this time for this leap in consciousness. Lord Gourasana, “The Golden One,” has come now due to the cry of humankind; and it is imperative that we respond to His coming for our own freedom and for more love of God to come to the world.

Gourasana said many times that this Mission is a 2,000-year mission, and that we are in the founding years. We are the pioneers, and we must get it done right. This Mission is destiny unfolding and must not become diluted.

Lord Gourasana, “The Golden One,” has brought in a special power and assistance to help people to make it now; in the past, promises went unfulfilled. He has showered this earth with His divine love that will reach out to millions of people, and they will feel it in their hearts.

He said, “Already I am calling. Though they may be many miles away I am calling, ‘Please come and meet your Lord.’ I am calling to many. Many are feeling it, and they will just come. And they will not even know why they have come. They will just know that where I am, so is their Home.”

The information, knowledge, and understanding of the spiritual realm and the material realm have been brought in by Him in a very clear, comprehensible way. When you hear Him, you will know, because He is in your heart. And when you sit with Him – within – you will feel Him in your heart. And you may have a feeling of the Father.

If you are someone who is looking for a spiritual path, awakening, spiritual freedom, going back Home to God, union with God, love of God, or a full state of awareness, I urge you to check out the various offerings of the Center of The Golden One®. Try to hear.

All people who come to the Center of The Golden One to transform will be greatly assisted to move spiritually as much as they desire; consequently, the world will be helped by so many of you finding more love of God and the desire to help humankind in so many individual ways. Gourasana said, “There is a great facility here to move very quick spiritually.”

Come fast now so that we can succeed in the many, many things that this global Mission is meant to do. Desire to come now. Pray to the Almighty Father.

“I am calling from around the world
to come and meet your lord.”


In love, KALINDI

Above, when “Lord Gourasana, ‘The Golden One,’” is referred to, this means Gourasana accompanied by the Heavenly Host from the realm of Spirit. When the text reads just “Gourasana,” this refers to Gourasana as He was in the body of David Swanson.