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The Gourasana Meditation Practice, which is also called the GMP, is one of the core offerings of Center of The Golden One. It was brought by Gourasana, a current-day Incarnation of God, and is directly filled with His power, presence, love and energy and designed for this modern age that we live in.


Marianne describes how the GMP works

The Gourasana Meditation Practice (GMP), addresses all areas of life – body, mind, heart, and spirit. It teaches us how to live in this world with today’s problems and helps us connect to the much-needed true pure love of God.


 Here’s how it works:


  • The GMP is an active meditation and no previous experience with meditation is needed. You will be guided through the meditation
  • A wide variety of music is played. Movement of your body and release of emotions are encouraged.
  • The evening begins with an introduction to the meditation practice and an overview of the evening. Then we all meditate together.
  • Following meditation, there will be time to ask questions and share realizations.
  • Things to bring to meditation include: tissues, a small hand towel, and pen and paper/notepad.

  • The evening of meditation hosted from Denver is a hybrid event, offered both at the Denver Center and remotely on Zoom. If you are participating via Zoom it will be helpful for you to situate yourself in a private space where you can focus on your meditation.
  • Days and Times:
    Wednesdays via Zoom or at the Denver Center at 4277 West 43rd Avenue, Denver CO 80212
    6:45 – 9:00 PM MT
  • You are welcome – whatever your faith, religion, or spiritual practices may be.
    Please note: This is a Drug and Alcohol-free evening for individuals 18+ years.

Aliza shares her experience of the Gourasana Meditation Practice.


If you have more questions about meditation at the Center, we are happy to talk with you further. Send an email to: TheCenter@miracle.org and someone will get back with you promptly. To read more about the GMP, visit the meditation practice page.

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