People who come into the light and stay in the light will carry on God’s mission to bring His love and light into the world. That is their job: to bring God’s Love. Their breaking free has the vortex of the opening that the Incarnation made – become bigger and the doorway Home continue to be accessible.


The Center of The Golden One was created to help people find a greater connection to the truth and love of God, to themselves and to each other. The Center offers seminars, meditations, and other programs that are available to anyone regardless of faith, religion or spiritual practice.

We offer tools and teachings for personal growth and spiritual development that are specifically tailored to today’s fast paced lifestyle. Masters, Teachers and Leaders affiliated with The Center worldwide offer workshops, council, and guidance to anyone wishing to make profound and lasting changes in their lives.

It is the specific intent of The Center of the Golden One to help individuals contribute to the overall evolution of consciousness of our planet. More love. More peace. More freedom. More understanding. Participation with Center of The Golden One opens an unprecedented opportunity for rapid spiritual evolution leading to Ultimate Freedom: freer and freer each day, all the way Home.