Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is provided by designated spiritual leaders of the Center of The Golden One. To book a session, please complete the form below and include your name, the counselor you wish to see, and the length of the session you would like. We offer 20-minute and 60-minute sessions.

You will receive an email response from the counselor to arrange a mutually convenient time for your session.

Thank you.

Spiritual Counseling Request Form

In North America

Chiara Zani

Chiara - CounselingI have passionately devoted my life since I was a teenager to the study and practice of meditation and to the art of knowing one’s-self; giving a special importance to knowing God personally, and integrating the highest kind of love into my everyday life. As a 20-year disciple of Kalindi and The Lady, I have been coaching individuals, teaching meditations and facilitating workshops in Latin America, and through that helping people to find clarity, loving appreciation for themselves, and acceptance and compassion for others with their families, work environments and intimate friendships. One of my specialties is helping people to open blocks in their body and in their sexuality, to release guilt and shame, and to learn to relate to the opposite sex in healthy ways. I speak fluent Spanish and Italian, in addition to English.

Claire Easton

Claire - CounselingA Harvard-trained attorney, Claire gave up the practice of law to undertake a serious spiritual search that brought her to Center of The Golden One in 1992. As a disciple of Kalindi and The Lady, under their guidance and teaching, she has learned to help people get through the obstacles they’re facing in their transformation. Claire’s approach combines keen insight with heart-felt compassion, in a way that’s very supportive to seeing and moving through what’s in the way of deepening your connection to God and to the truest part of yourself.

Daniel Kaplan

Daniel - CounselingDaniel’s life has been dedicated to self-realization and God-realization for over 40 years. He has been facilitating meditations & workshops, and Love’s Awakening Seminars around the world since 1996. With his expertise and compassionate insight, Daniel guides & inspires those desiring a life lived in deeper self-acceptance, love, freedom, passion and purpose. Daniel is also an accomplished spiritual counselor, family & couples coach and mediator, helping people to live in more harmonious, fulfilling relationships.

Vince Roger

Vince - CounselingVince came to Center of The Golden One as a family doctor with an extensive background in psychiatry and counseling. His transformation has been marked by non-stop determination and desire to help others. Vince is a Spiritual Master for Center of the Golden One and leads the Conscious Aging Community in Arizona. “My desire is to provide spiritual coaching for the most serious people on the Path to Ultimate Freedom and the Freedom Walk Path.” My passion is helping people find worthiness and self-acceptance as keys to moving ever closer to God.”

In Europe

Juan Latuf

Juan - CounselingAfter years of seeking, when Juan met Kalindi and The Lady in 1994, he knew he had found the spiritual Path he was looking for. With great dedication, Juan embraced a rapid transformation, to live a life rooted in his authentic and personal experience of the love of God. Since his years as a spiritual leader in Latin America, he continues to lead Love’s Awakening Seminars, guides the Path to Ultimate Freedom in Europe, and is a Spiritual Master for Center of The Golden One.

Karin Mitschke

Karin - CounselingKarin uncovered her life’s purpose to help people find genuine love – for themselves, for God, and for others as she has walked her own spiritual quest for the last 30 years. Her professional background in mediation and social work has been driven by her enthusiasm, compassionate love of people, and keen understanding of human nature. She teaches powerful communication tools to help people resolve even the most troubling of issues, while helping them heal from difficult emotional situations. Karin helps people to discover their true nature through leading spiritual workshops, meditations, individual counseling sessions, and mediations throughout Europe.