Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling, coaching and mediations are an opportunity to receive personal spiritual support and assistance from designated spiritual leaders and teachers of Center of The Golden One.

The help offered is all based in the spiritual teachings, practices, and tools from Gourasana, Kalindi and The Lady.



Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling consists of one-on-one spiritual help to unravel a specific area of illusion or other obstacles with the goal of getting freer of illusion and coming closer to God.

Spiritual Coaching

Through the assistance of a spiritual coach, you can get support to identify actions needed to improve the quality of your life by moving forward spiritually.  A coach can help you to increase your awareness and realize the power of choice and action.

Spiritual Mediation

Spiritual Mediation offers practical help to end separation. A mediator can facilitate resolving interpersonal conflict between two or more people in any area of life.


The Spiritual Counseling offering is available to those who participate on one of the two paths offered by Center of The Golden One: 

  • Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation
  • Path to Ultimate Freedom 

To book a session, please complete the form below.

You will receive an email response from the counselor to arrange a mutually convenient time for your session. The email will also include a PayPal link so you can pay for your session.

Counselors in North America

Maria Zani


Maria has passionately devoted her life since she was a teenager to the study and practice of meditation and to the art of knowing one’s-self. She has been coaching individuals, teaching meditation, and facilitating self-help workshops in the US, in Central and Latin America since 1993. 

A 25-year disciple of Kalindi and The Lady, Maria places a special importance in cultivating a personal direct spiritual connection with God and integrating the highest kind of love into everyday life.

Maria strives to help people find clarity, balance, loving appreciation, acceptance and compassion for themselves and others – in the areas of family, work, and intimate relationships. She finds it important to support individuals being in-tune with themselves and connect deeply to the Source of everything.

One of Maria’s specialties is helping people to remove blockages in their physical and emotional bodies, to release guilt and shame and learn to relate to the opposite sex in healthy ways.

Maria speaks fluent Spanish and Italian, in addition to English. Maria offers spiritual counseling and coaching.

Claire Easton

Claire - Counseling

A Harvard-trained attorney, Claire gave up the practice of law to undertake a serious spiritual search that brought her to Center of The Golden One in 1992. As a disciple of Kalindi and The Lady, under their guidance and teaching, she has learned to help people get through the obstacles they’re facing in their transformation. Claire’s approach combines keen insight with heart-felt compassion, in a way that’s very supportive to seeing and moving through what’s in the way of deepening your connection to God and to the truest part of yourself. Claire offers spiritual counseling, coaching and mediation.

Counselors in Europe

Karin Mitschke

Karin - Counseling

Karin uncovered her life’s purpose to help people find genuine love – for themselves, for God, and for others as she has walked her own spiritual quest for the last 30 years. Her professional background in mediation and social work has been driven by her enthusiasm, compassionate love of people, and keen understanding of human nature. She teaches powerful communication tools to help people resolve even the most troubling of issues, while helping them heal from difficult emotional situations. Karin helps people discover their true nature through leading spiritual workshops, meditations, individual counseling sessions, and mediations throughout Europe. Karin speaks German and English. She offers spiritual counseling, coaching and mediation.

Spiritual Counseling Agreement Instructions

Review the agreement below.

Click to sign it in DocuSign prior to your first spiritual counseling session.

You will be able to download your signed copy.

Spiritual Counseling Agreement

Regarding the Services offered by Center of The Golden One

Spiritual counseling (including spiritual coaching and spiritual mediation) can help people address all aspects of being human from a heartfelt spiritual perspective, encompassing body, mind, heart, and soul. By expanding self-awareness and desire, one can find clarity, peace of mind, joy, and clear next steps toward fulfilling personal goals. This can lead to more partnership and love in all relationships—self, others and with God or higher power. 

Spiritual counseling is transformational in nature and will likely at times require tolerating discomfort to learn and to change. It is up to the client to choose to undertake any guidance, advice, suggestions, or direction offered by your spiritual counselor. You are responsible for any actions or changes you decide to make in your life, and you will be asked to consider how the changes you make or actions you take may affect you or others in your life. 

The help being offered is of a spiritual nature and is not a substitute for any psychological process, professional medical help, or addiction treatment. If you have any history of serious or ongoing psychological problems (for example, if you have ever been hospitalized for psychiatric care, or have ever been suicidal), you must disclose that history to your spiritual counselor. If you are experiencing any psychological or addiction type challenges in your life, please seek professional assistance from a licensed practitioner who can address those areas specifically. 

We reserve the right to not provide services or to terminate services with people that present circumstances beyond the scope of our expertise, or where in our discretion we feel they might be served better spiritually seeking assistance elsewhere.

Limited Confidentiality

Center of The Golden One and its spiritual counselors are committed to respecting “limited confidentiality” of communications and keeping the information you share in sessions with your counselor generally confidential; however, we cannot guarantee strict confidentiality. Out of our care for you, we want to let you know at the outset these exceptions to confidentiality in which your spiritual counselor will or may share information that you have spoken in a session with him or her. The exceptions are where your spiritual counselor:

  1. Has reason to believe that you may cause harm to yourself or another person;
  2. Has reason to believe that instances of child or elder abuse may have occurred or may occur;
  3. Is obliged to otherwise disclose information by law or by court order;
  4. Believes that the guidance or consultation of supervisory spiritual leadership is needed;
  5. Or:

  6. From time to time feels in his or her discretion that you will be helped spiritually by sharing of information you disclose with other spiritual leaders or staff

Cancellation policy

If you cancel a session 24 hours in advance, there will be no charge. Otherwise, you will be expected to pay full price.

Questions and Concerns

If you ever have questions or concerns about your session or a spiritual counselor, the supervisor to contact is Donna Ashenberg (donnaashenberg@protonmail.com or donna@miracle.org).

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

In exchange for receiving spiritual counseling support services, I agree not to sue either my spiritual counselor or Center of The Golden One for any injury or loss I might claim resulting from the spiritual counseling services provided by Center of The Golden One and its spiritual counselors. I assume the risk of any such injury or loss including but not limited to any damages, injury, or loss due to the negligence of Center of The Golden One or its counselors. 

I represent that I am over the age of 18 and acknowledge I have carefully read, understand, and voluntarily agree to all of the above statements and terms. 

By signing electronically, I understand and agree that my signature shall have the same force and effect as if I signed my name in person and will be legally binding on me, my heirs, executors, and assigns.

Click to sign this agreement in DocuSign prior to your first spiritual counseling session.

You will be able to download your signed copy.