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Care for Our Bodies

Sep 21, 2022 | Inspiration, Kalindi

Kalindi emphasized that there is time for each individual to accomplish everything necessary spiritually and materially, and at the same time care for the physical body in every way.

The Lady would like everyone who is interested to have access to the teachings and knowledge that Kalindi brought to Her disciples about care for our bodies and how essential it is to incorporate rest and relaxation into a disciplined lifestyle for success in spiritual transformation.

Download four very different talks from Kalindi about caring for your body during transformation:

Relax – Audio File

Care for Your Body – Audio File

Taking a Break Guilt Free – Audio File

Disciplined Lifestyle for Rapid Transformation – Audio File


They are also available at the Center Online Shop.

*When Kalindi was asked how She wanted to be described to people who had not met Her yet, She said:

Kalindi speaks on behalf of Lord Gourasana, The Golden One, who is a current-day Incarnation of God. She is His Voice. She embodies the power, the presence, the knowledge, the energy, the love and the special assistance that Lord Gourasana has brought into this planet.