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Celebrating and Giving Love this Holiday Season

Nov 30, 2023 | Inspiration, Kalindi

Kalindi wanted the Christmas holiday season to be a time of deep remembrance of God and a great sharing of love between people. She called December a “Month of Love” and gave us many points of inspiring encouragement about how we can rejoice and spread love and kindness to everyone we meet, all month long.

Kalindi said:


Let your heart rejoice that during this month
God has set aside the mood and the time for you
to give your love freely in many ways to complete strangers.
Smile and touch the hearts of so many people.
This is the Month of Love.
Love God, love yourself, love each other,
and let your love spread for the entire month.

Please enjoy celebrating the holiday season and “Month of Love” with Kalindi’s Christmas Points and Teachings:

Christmas Teachings from Kalindi Dec 2023.pdf

Kalindi is a Spiritual Master for the World who came with the Incarnation of God, Gourasana, to help people – who are ready, willing, and able – to break the cycle of birth and death and achieve full union with God in this lifetime. Kalindi passed from the body in 2010, but Her energy, power, and spiritual assistance are still present and available to anyone who desires to connect with Her.