The Center’s community is rooted in the shared purpose of spiritual transformation. It is a growing community of like-minded people who wish to evolve spiritually, who meditate regularly together, and who resonate with the teachings of the Center’s Founders – Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady.


Our worldwide community is not limited to a specific location. Individuals can participate at a center, with a community, or from anywhere in the world via interactive web formats or audio stream.

If you live in one of the areas below and are interested in learning more about the local offerings, please reach out with the contact form here. If you live elsewhere and would like information about participating, please contact us at:

North America

Denver, Colorado is the “Home Center” for Center of The Golden One, and all offerings are available here. There is a vibrant volunteer service community of over 100 volunteers at the Denver Center. Meditations are streamed from Denver on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Latin America

Our Latin America community includes people participating in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras. They are supported by a dedicated team of leaders and translators in Denver.


Munich, Germany is the European hub for Center of The Golden One. All offerings are available in Munich. There are active communities throughout Europe, including Cologne, Basel, and Reykjavik. Meditations and other programs are streamed live from Munich.


Perth, Australia is home to a Gourasana Meditation Center where meditations are regularly hosted in the greater Perth area.