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Emergency Preparedness

Jul 6, 2022 | Inspiration

The Founders of Center of The Golden One spoke many times about having the consciousness of calm, love, and giving in the midst of whatever material catastrophes may befall us.

This is not necessarily an easy approach to take, but our Founders brought many spiritual teachings and practices that greatly help in being able to prepare internally for difficult situations.

In this video, Bartleby talks about the Emergency Preparedness Program that the Center has launched this year. He shares some of the spiritual teachings that can help us in preparing for challenging times and also introduces some of the practical preparation courses the Center is offering free of charge for anyone interested.

If you would like more information about the Center’s Emergency Preparedness program, please contact

The Center created an easy-to-follow booklet to help you with your preparations for the different kinds of emergencies you might face.

You can Download this free booklet here.

Center of The Golden One and the presenters of the Center’s Emergency Preparedness program are not experts in emergency and disaster preparedness; we have, however, done some homework in “preparedness” and want to share with you some of what we have learned so far. Our goal here is simply to introduce you to this important and timely subject, and inspire you to take the action you feel necessary. You, of course, are ultimately responsible for your own preparation and the well-being of yourselves and your loved ones.