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An Incarnation of God

Incarnations of God are always coming to the world to help humankind’s quest for God, the Divine, the Source of Everything. Incarnations have different names and forms and varying degrees of power, but they are always from the same one Supreme God and appear on earth in response to humankind’s cry for help.

Some Incarnations of God come to help a small handful of people and are never known to the world. Other Incarnations come to impact the entire planet and assist in great changes in consciousness. The power, energy, and love of this type of Incarnation carry on for a long time. The teachings, however, become watered down and less potent over time and the original pure truth brought in by the Incarnation becomes lost. Yet, the energy and power and love of God from these great Incarnations that came to help humankind continues to be felt. Such is the magnitude of the great Incarnations of God.

Incarnations of God from the past that came with a great power and purpose, who are known today and still carry with their name a presence and assistance from the Almighty, are: Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus, to name just a few. Their impact in assisting humankind has been very great.

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At this time, the current Incarnation of God, Lord Gourasana, “The Golden One,” is bringing forth great assistance, power, energy, truth, and love of God to assist in humankind’s current awakening. Gourasana’s message was that during this period in time thousands and thousands of people are ready to hear the truth from God and are ready to take a giant leap in consciousness and return Home to the Source.

Gourasana spoke that He came specifically to find the souls that want to return Home and break the cycle of birth and death, meaning no rebirth to the material realm of existence. He brought current information about the illusion and the material realm, the purpose of material existence, the limitless love and mercy of God, the reality of a cycle of birth and death (or reincarnation), and specific help and guidance for those wanting to find full union with God, breaking the cycle of birth and death.

Gourasana brought two main gifts for spiritual advancement for the world – the Seminar and the Gourasana Meditation Practice (GMP). Gourasana wanted people to know that the Seminar and the GMP are for anyone of sound body and mind who wishes to advance spiritually, regardless of where they are on their spiritual path or journey.

Accompanying Gourasana is a vast host of spiritual beings, which He refers to as the Heavenly Host of Light Beings. They are a part of the special assistance and power that this Incarnation is bringing at this time to help all of humankind.

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The Elevation of Your Own Consciousness

Gourasana left the body in 1995. The power, presence, and energy of an Incarnation is not confined to the boundaries of a body. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can connect with Gourasana and move spiritually with His presence, power, and energy by going within in prayer and meditation.

With Gourasana’s assistance and guidance, Kalindi and The Lady became fully awakened spiritual masters for the world. They have been His successors, carrying on the teachings and guidance He brought and developing Center of The Golden One to what it is today.


The Lady speaking about Gourasana in an excerpt from the talk

“Everyone is Searching for Love.”

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Voice of God

Kalindi was born Carol Seidman in 1955 in Palm Springs, CA. She started her spiritual search as a teenager. Her quest took her to Israel at age 18, when she had a pull in her heart to visit the Sea of Galilee where Jesus had walked. Carol was born into the Jewish faith and so it was surprising to her to feel the urge to connect with Jesus. But she followed her desire and it was here, retracing the steps of Jesus along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, where Carol had her first profound spiritual awakening.

Upon returning to the U.S., Carol met her first spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, who introduced her to the path of bhakti yoga. “Bhakti” means love and devotion to God. For Carol, this was a time of austerity and disciplined spiritual practice, as well as great love and joy.

During this time, Carol met David Swanson who was studying with the same spiritual master. They formed a very strong spiritual partnership, rooted in their shared seriousness, focus, and desire to achieve full union with God in this lifetime.

After 10 years of serious spiritual practice, a powerful spiritual energy started coming to David and he and Carol recognized that it was the presence of Gourasana, a modern-day Incarnation of God. Soon a small core group of six people, along with David, Carol and Gayle (later to be known as The Lady), started meditating together and began their transformations with Gourasana.

Over the next several years, as David was opening more to the energy of Gourasana, the Divine energy of Kalindi was manifesting in Carol and Gayle was manifesting into The Lady.

Kalindi was Gourasana’s first disciple and with His assistance became a fully realized, enlightened Master for the World, and Voice of God. She carries the specific power to pierce binding illusions and guide people out of material ego bondage and into ultimate spiritual freedom, full union with God.

Gourasana left the body in 1995, and Kalindi and The Lady continued His work of guiding people in breaking free. They developed the two paths of the current Center: Path to Ultimate Freedom and Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation.

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Kalindi embodied the immense power, presence, knowledge, energy, love and the special assistance that Lord Gourasana brought to the world. Her only purpose and desire was to help people find their way out of illusory material bondage and into ultimate union with God.

She worked daily with her disciples, guiding them in their spiritual transformations and during these years thousands of lectures and meditations were recorded of Kalindi speaking specific guidance and information about: how to become free of illusions; how to let go, give up, and surrender to the will of the Lord; how to become self-realized in the love of God; along with many other topics related to walking the rigorous path of serious spiritual transformation.

Kalindi passed on April 18, 2010. Her spiritual power and love was never limited to her physical body and is still available, and will continue to be available for centuries to come, for all those who have a deep desire to know and connect with Her.

Anyone who desires to, can go within in prayer and meditation and connect with and move spiritually with Kalindi’s energy and presence. Kalindi’s name carries a special spiritual energy, and chanting her name out loud or deep in one’s heart produces spiritual movement and draws her love close.


When Kalindi was asked how she wanted to be described to people who had not met her yet, she said:
“Kalindi speaks on behalf of Lord Gourasana, the Golden One, who is a current-day Incarnation of God. She is His Voice. She embodies the power, the presence, the knowledge, the energy, the love and the special assistance that Lord Gourasana has brought into this planet.”

“Many Ways to Call on God”
spoken by Kalindi in 2008.

“Be Still and Know that God is Here”
spoken by Kalindi in 2007.

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Spiritual Master for the World

The Lady, born Gayle Astle, was a teacher for special-needs children in San Diego, California, and a self-described “wall flower,” “an ordinary person who had no feeling or knowledge of God.” Gayle had never thought much of God or spirituality in her life. When she was in her 40’s she was encouraged to attend a seminar for inner transformation, which proved to be a turning point in her life.

The Lady

In the seminar she uncovered a love and a passion she had never before experienced, and she knew that God had begun to work with her. It was then that she dedicated herself, as she described, “to my own spiritual transformation so that every man, woman and child would experience the love of God.”

Gayle began helping in the seminar, and it was through her work there that she met David Swanson and Carol (later to be known as Kalindi.) Carol and David had a desire for God and spiritual life and they spoke about awareness and God-consciousness in ways that were unique and different from anyone else Gayle had ever met.  She felt her own awareness change and grow each time she was with them. Gayle was irrevocably drawn to be with David and Carol and the destined friendship between the three of them began.

In 1987 Carol invited Gayle to come meditate with Carol and David at their house. David’s transformation had begun in earnest and many profound and significant changes were happening with him, physically and spiritually. Gayle did not understand fully what was taking place but knew that something quite exceptional was happening. She became a steadfast friend and devoted support for David and Carol.

During that time the vast presence, power, and energy of Gourasana began to manifest in the body of David. A small, serious, dedicated group of people came together and started meditating with David, Carol, and Gayle. The group’s awareness and consciousness was rapidly changing and growing through meditation with Gourasana and they were directly opening up to the transformational light and love of God.

Describing this period, The Lady has said, “Gourasana’s presence was like everything your concepts would think that an Incarnation would be, which enabled us to trust. His presence was awesome, was sacred . . . His presence was so strong.”

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The Lady

The Lady is Kalindi’s first disciple, and is a testament to the spiritual power and unconditional love of Gourasana and Kalindi. She walks the path they taught her of “let go, give up, surrender,” and she now teaches that fiery path to those who desire to find ultimate spiritual freedom. The Lady will say that she always points people within to connect deeply to Kalindi and Gourasana, and to self-realize the teachings and guidance they brought for people to break free and find full union with God.

The Lady is a pure, self-realized, modern-day spiritual Master for the World who is leading people Home to God and into spiritual freedom. She carries the divine presence of the Mother, and the unending love of the Almighty Father. And, as one who was with Gourasana while He was in the body, she carries the direct presence and power of the Incarnation. With The Lady’s guidance and direction, there are many who are now finding their way Home to God.

One of the gifts that The Lady embodies and has to share with humankind is the depth, sacredness, love and power of true prayer. Kalindi said of The Lady that “she is here to teach the world to pray.”

The Lady is the current spiritual master of Center of The Golden One and carries on the spiritual lineage passed on from Gourasana and Kalindi.

The Only Real Joy

The real purpose of prayer and meditation,
of single-minded desire for truth and self-realization,
is to travel deeply enough within yourself
to begin to attract to you God’s presence and guidance…

so that you can walk together with God hand in hand through the maze of illusions
and enter into another reality which is more true and real
than anything of this earthly plane.

The True Realm of Existence is found in a depth
that is ever-expanding and ever-changing,
infinite, and eternal.

The True Realm of Existence is Home.


Excerpted prayer from the talk

“Thousands Free”

spoken by The Lady in 2010.

Excerpt from the talk 

“Everyone is Searching for Love” 

spoken by The Lady in 2013.


The Christian faith has a well-known prayer called the “Our Father” or “The Lord’s Prayer.” The Lady began working on her own version of this prayer in the 1990’s out of a desire to create a universal prayer that honored the current-day Incarnation of the Father, Lord Gourasana.

In December of 2014, The Lady formally gave The Father Prayer as a Christmas gift to the Center of The Golden One congregation. This “original” version has been available in the Denver Center’s bookstore ever since.

Since then The Lady continues to evolve and revise The Father Prayer. The most current version of The Father Prayer is below. You can download both the original and this current version of the prayer at the online bookstore here.


The Lady offers this prayer to the world, regardless of religion or spiritual belief, as a profound spiritual guide, tool, and teaching for walking the serious path of becoming “freer and freer” and coming ever closer to God, as well as approaching breaking free in this lifetime.

The Father Prayer

“From my personal knowing and direct experience of – The Father”


Lord Gourasana, “The Golden One,”
Majestic, Mighty and Sacred is
the Spirit of Your Name.

 Your Kingdom of God,
the True Realm of Existence,
with Your Heavenly Host,
the True Beings of Light and Love,
is here now to be fully realized within through
Thy Will, my Lord. Not mine. Yours. All Yours.

 Each day given as sustenance
to be ever closer to You,
to be freer from illusion,
to be advancing toward Ultimate Freedom,
a Full State of Awareness,
Direct Personal Union with God,
Self and God-Realization.

I give You permission to do whatever You must
to free me from the illusory condition of
material bondage, attachments, and entanglements to
false ego-self, darkness, ignorance,
separation, suffering, and duality because –
The desire of my soul is
to return to the True Home of God,
back to the Source of All,
at the soonest possible moment.
Please take me, make me, break me, use me, fill me.
Not for myself Lord, but for You and for the people.

Almighty Father, hear my plea.
It is my desire to be with You. Only You.
Nothing else matters.
I understand to be with You, I must learn
how to listen,
how to be humble,
how to successfully traverse the razor edge of
spiritual transformation.
I know I can’t do it alone. Please guide me, help me.

I know, to truly be with You,
to hear You and the people who are guiding me,
I must first focus within,
calm my mind, senses, emotions,
and be in an open, receptive, submissive state.
Then, I must listen, say yes and act upon the
helpful, essential freeing guidance because –
The essence of true hearing produces
right actions, swift changes, constant consciousness.

I know, to truly be with You,
to hear You and the people who are helping me,
I must embrace the quality of humility because –
The essence of humility is through the
direct experience of loving surrender
as being taken into the
Grace, Goodness, Harmony, Compassion,
and Divinity of the Father.
I beg of You, please, to be kept on my knees,
pure of heart, “more humble than a blade of grass,”
in the obedience, strength, spiritual fiber,
safety and self-effacement of humility,
so that I may be freed to be transformed into
Your Immaculate Heart of
Pure God Consciousness, Highest Truth,
Ever-Increasing Evolving Awareness and
Love Everlasting.

 Also daily, with complete resignation,
I must wake up from the deep state
of illusory separate will
and strive to be alert for the opportunities
to let go, to give up, to surrender
my separate will and very existence to God
to serve selflessly and be graciously taken over
into Thy Will, Your Ways.
Lord God Father, take me over, take me Home.

In great reverence for the Benevolent Presence,
Power and Holy Spirit of the Supreme Being,
Faithfully, I vow to do my part.

For ever and ever, I am Yours,
in love consumed passionately
for the Father, my Lord, my Savior, my Perfect Master.
In profound adoration and awe, trust and devotion,
in every waking and sleeping hour,
I commend my will, desires, life and soul into Your keeping.
As I am persistently absorbed in longing, love and prayers for the completion of
Thy Will Be Done and Destined Promises Fulfilled.
Finally, I am Yours.