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It’s a New Transformation

May 10, 2023 | Inspiration, Kalindi

Kalindi spoke thousands of talks for Her disciples and for all spiritual seekers across the world – giving powerful spiritual guidance and assistance for rapid spiritual movement, no matter where one is on their spiritual path and no matter what path one is following.

In Her talk, “It’s a New Transformation,” Kalindi speaks about the massive transformation happening in the world right now, and the critical guidance She offers to be able to navigate the steps of fast-paced spiritual advancement and full spiritual realization.

It’s just very simple. Gourasana brought teachings in and He let it be known. And He taught how to move forward with this special assistance – very difficult, but He taught it. And He left behind masters, and He left behind a path. And we’re just here to help the people that want to get free, or the people that want to advance spiritually at a fast pace.
We know how to guide someone in this current-day transformation. Now this is very important, because the current transformation that’s going on is with the help of the special assistance and transformational energy. And if you don’t know how to move properly within that energy – because it is so fast, and the way God is moving people in that energy – you’re not going to know what to do when He comes pushing on you.


October 20, 2006
excerpt from the talk, “It’s a New Transformation”

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