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Joyful Celebration!

Jan 13, 2021 | Uncategorized

Kalindi's Worldwide Birthday Celebration

This year’s Worldwide Celebration of Kalindi’s Birthday on January 2nd was a spectacular time together – with close to 300 of us representing 20 different countries on Zoom – remembering and honoring Kalindi! We experienced The Lady on video sharing in her magnificent way with us her reverence, devotion and prayer for The Lord. And we also had the privilege to see Kalindi on video speaking in Her “World Talk” about the transformation needed by many in order to help the world at this time. Then we had a deep and moving meditation focused on bringing God’s love in for the world. What a blessing and a benediction to be able to celebrate and share Kalindi La Gourasana, Voice of God and Spiritual Master for the World.

laptop with teleconference in progress

More updates to our technology - all on Zoom!

We are delighted to share about changes to our Wednesday Evenings of Meditation designed to make the meditations easier to participate in.

We are moving to an all-Zoom format, so you no longer have to switch to an audio stream for the meditation.

First time participants are asked to join Zoom at 6:40 for an orientation to the GMP with the Meditation Leader. All other participants join Zoom at 6:55. Meditation will start promptly at 7:00pm. Finally, we now have a simpler registration process which can be found on the new “Get Started” pages.

Visit Welcome to Meditation

We are eager to hear from you about the website changes!

Check out the new “Get Started” pages, and email us your feedback!