Materials Review

These web pages have the forms to make requests for ALL communications. Each of the forms is for a specific request. Please choose the correct form for the type of request you are making, whether it is an email, a flyer, a video, an online posting, etc.

If you are including an attachment in your communication, you may have several steps before your communication is ready.

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Step #1:  Send the text for the flyer, or the changes to an existing flyer to Materials Review for approval using form #2.
  • Step #2:  When Materials Review sends edits back to you, use the Design Request Form #3.
  • Step #3:  When the Design team sends you the flyer back designed, send it to for proofreading.
  • Step #4:  Create the email text to go with the flyer and fill out form #1 “Ready to go” if the designed material is to be distributed via email.

1) For a SENDING REQUEST ready to go via email, click  here.

Click here ONLY if you have all the communication components approved and ready to go. (If you have a flyer or any attachment that will go with the email, you must first have this component reviewed and/or designed. DO NOT use this first form since at this point your email is not yet “ready to go.” Instead, use form 2) and 3) as needed.)

2) For a MATERIALS REVIEW REQUEST to be emailed, posted online, text for a website page, or text that will go to Design after Materials Review approves it, click here.

3) For a DESIGN REQUEST, click here.