The Gourasana Meditation Practice addresses all areas of your life and being. It brings you necessary solutions to your many life obstacles and it feeds your soul with an ever-deeper loving connection to God. If practiced properly daily or regularly, even if only for a short period of time, you’ll begin to see changes.


Evenings of Meditation

Weekly GMP meditations are held at the Centers or via audio stream. No meditation experience is needed to participate. You will be gently guided through the meditation and at the end of the evening, there is opportunity to connect and share with other meditators. To register, scroll down to the registration section below.

GMP Workshop

This 6-hour workshop offers an opportunity to practice using the GMP to address and move through personal challenges and gain higher awareness about various spiritual questions. Participants are invited to bring a particular question or challenge to the workshop to focus on. The structure of the workshop includes: group sharing, teachings about the GMP, and a long meditation.

5-Week Gourasana Meditation Practice (GMP) Course

The GMP Course is offered over 5 weeks in a webinar format. It provides in-depth exploration and practice of each part of the Gourasana Meditation Practice to help participants deepen and expand their understanding and practice of the meditation. Each 3-hour session includes teachings about the GMP, group sharing, and meditation. Over the period of the course, participants are able to participate in an online learning platform where they can share realizations with each other, and also access audio talks and written material about the GMP.

Freedom Walk Meditation

Weekly Freedom Walk Meditations are for those who have completed a 4-Day Seminar to come together, meditate, and receive spiritual teachings from Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady.

Breakthrough Meditation Days

For participants who have completed the 4-Day Seminar, Breakthrough Meditation Days are an opportunity to keep opening and expanding the connection with themselves, others and Source that they found in the Seminar. Participants can address a current life challenge through small group sharing and a long meditation. They can connect with a community of others who have recently completed a 4-Day Seminar to form a network of association for ongoing spiritual growth and change.