The connection you make with God within yourself and to His Special Assistance [in the Seminar] will refuel your soul so that you can carry on with your specific destiny or calling. And, for some of you, it will awaken your calling.
Find the trust. Break through your fear and come soon. The Seminar is a gift from God to you personally.
Come soon.


Love's Awakening Seminar

The Love's Awakening Seminar is the doorway to deeper spiritual work offered by The Center of The Golden One. Step by step, participants are guided within to access a very personal and sacred connection with God.
The Love's Awakening Seminar is offered in both Denver and Munich. To register, scroll down to the registration section below.

Munich Love's Awakening Seminar

June 20-23, 2019
November 7-10, 2019
For more information or to register for the Munich Love's Awakening Seminar, please send an email to