The deep work of the Love’s Awakening Seminars is to uncover the pain and longing in our heart so that we can open up to the healing love and energy of God. When we go to the depths of our heart’s longing with God, true healing is possible and we are more able to share love with others.

4-Day Seminar

The 4-Day Seminar is the doorway to deeper spiritual work offered by The Center of The Golden One. Step by step, participants are guided within to access their very personal and sacred connection with the Source of love and truth.
The 4-Day Seminar is offered in both Denver and Munich. To register for the Denver 4-Day Seminar, please scroll down to the registration section below.

Munich 4-Day Seminar

June 20-23, 2019
November 7-10, 2019
For more information or to register for the Munich 4-Day Seminar, please send an email to

1-Day Seminar

The 1-Day Seminar is a full day of inner exploration, meditation, and movement. It is designed for those who desire to have an opening of heart or to move through a particular challenge or obstacle in their life.