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“Please Take All of Me, Lord”

Jan 26, 2023 | The Lady

At the Center’s annual Retreat in 2010, The Lady gave a talk called, “You Are Not That Being of Illusion.” In that talk, she spoke this powerful prayer that she is sending this month for our spiritual nourishment and inspiration.

In this talk in 2010, The Lady spoke:

“When I began the search for truth, I believed that the goal of spiritual endeavor was to become a better person – someone who was loving, kind, compassionate, responsible. But as I embraced the let go, give up, and surrender of spiritual transformation, I realized the goal was to be in union with God – to be with God.

Strive not to become a better person. Strive first to become a pure devotee of God, and you will naturally become a better person.”

The Lady


“Never give up. Let go of illusions so that you can be filled with love and light, and so that you may be of comfort to other people in this world who are starving for love and light. You are not that being of illusion. You are a golden gem, a precious gem within.”

Click below to download your gift from The Lady.

The Lady Prayer – Take All of Me – PDF File

The Lady is the living Spiritual Master for Center of The Golden One. The Lady always speaks the highest truth to help us wake up and move quickly spiritually into who we truly are in God.

One of the gifts that The Lady embodies and has to share with humankind is the depth, sacredness, love and power of true prayer. Kalindi said of The Lady that, “She is here to teach the world to pray.”

Anyone in the world can be a disciple of The Lady if they resonate with her in their heart. The Lady’s teachings, love, and guidance are for everyone.

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