Public Meditation Support

Technical Instructions for Zoom Chat and Android Phones


Technical Support Zoom Chat Instructions: 

If you are having technical difficulties just before or during the meditation, please send a message within the Zoom Chat to the Technical Support staff person, who will have the name “Tech Support” in their Zoom video window. 

To use the Zoom Chat:

  • If you have never used the Zoom Chat option, you will see a “speech bubble” icon at the bottom of your Zoom window with 3 dots in it that says “Chat.” 
  • Select this icon, and you will see the chat window pop up on the right side of your overall Zoom window. 
  • At the bottom of the chat window, you will see the option of who you want to chat with. It will most likely say “To: Everyone.” Next to this message, you will see a button that says “More.” Select this button and a list of participants will pop up. 
  • Select “Tech Support” and type a message at the bottom of the chat window, where it says “Type message here…” 
  • To send your message, simply press enter or return on your keyboard.

Instructions for Android Phones:

There are many music players for Android devices. We suggest using “VLC” which you can install from the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet. Due to the difference in Android devices there are several methods in connecting to VLC (see below).

Once VLC is installed, go to the streaming link in your VLC Order Confirmation email and either click on the link or, if offered, copy it, if offered. When you click on the link you will be offered a choice of music players and you can choose VLC. There are several pathways depending on which phone you have, so you may be offered a blank space into which you can copy the link. Or clicking on the link may download an mp3 file, enabling you to click a “play button”.

VLC often has a delay before sound comes through, so after you hit play, wait for it to connect. Your device may offer a slightly different pathway to get the stream to play, but with patience you should be able to get this app to stream for you. You may need to repeat the pathway a few times before it “takes”. Remember to give it a minute or two to find the stream and connect.

Technology Failure for Wednesday Evening of Meditation or Expand Your Awareness Events:

If the audio stream or Zoom does not work for a significant period of time and you are not able to get information about it via the Zoom chat, it will be because our Internet service went down unexpectedly or we hare having other significant technical difficulties. We apologize that we are not able to continue the event this evening.

Please register at no-cost for the next Evening of Meditation or Expand Your Awareness event you would like to join by clicking on “Pre-approved – $0 Fee” when you register.

Thank you, and we hope to see you next time!

Sharon Heller and Michele Campbell
Center of The Golden One – Public Offerings