Streaming Link Info

On-Demand Streaming Link Information

For Mac OS

Our https streaming media links work on Safari on Macs and iOS (but not in the Chrome or Firefox browsers). Simply clicking on the link should open Safari and begin playing your stream. Alternatively, you can copy the link and paste it into the Safari browser.

Alternatively, you can use the rtsp links instead by using VLC Player, downloadable for free here.

For Windows

We recommend using VLC Media Player, which is downloadable for free here. Once you open the app:

  1. Go to the “Media” tab at the top left.
  2. Open the menu, “Open Network Stream”.
  3. Paste into the URL box 

Here are instructions for modifying VLC Player in Windows to stream rtsp content:

Changing the stream transport protocol using VLC Player

To switch VLC from HTTP streaming to RTP/RTSP streaming:

On the VLC media player Tools menu, click Preferences.
In the Simple Preferences dialog box, click Input / Codecs in the contents panel.
In Input & Codecs Settings, in the Network area, change the Live555 stream transport option from HTTP (default) to RTP over RTSP (TCP).
Click Save.

Starting stream playback

By default, VLC media player is configured with a very small caching buffer. This can lead to choppy playback initially but it will eventually smooth out over time as VLC automatically increases the size of this buffer. The steps below explain how to change the default cache size before connecting to the stream. 

To set the default cache size and play a live or on demand stream:

On the VLC media player Media menu, click Open Network Stream.
At the bottom of the Open Media dialog box, select the Show more options check box.
Set the Caching value to a higher value such as 1200 ms. This value is retained between VLC media player playback sessions and restarts.
Enter the URL of the stream that you want to play in the Please enter a network URL field and then click Play.

For Android Phones

There are many music players for Android devices; some work and many do not. The best we’ve found is called ‘VLC’ which you can install from the Google Play store on your android phone or tablet.

Once VLC is installed, go to the streaming link you received in your order confirmation and click on it or copy it if offered. When you click on the link, you will likely be offered a choice of music players and you can choose VLC. There are several pathways depending on which phone you have, so you may alternately be offered a blank space into which you can copy the link. Or clicking on the link may download an mp3 file, enabling you to click a ‘play button.’

VLC often has a delay before sound comes through so after you hit play, just wait a moment or two for it to connect. Your device may offer a slightly different pathway to get the stream to play, but with patience you should be able to get this app to stream for you. You may need to repeat the pathway in a few times before it is fully successful. Remember to give it a minute or two to find the stream and connect.

If VLC Player Doesn’t Work For Your Platform

An alternative to VLC Player is Live Stream Player, available for these platforms:





If You Need Further Support

Please email Bruce along with your device information for more support.