April and Trinidad Set Up Their Solar Panels During the Emergency Preparedness Practicum


Center of The Golden One has begun to provide programs and resources to support individuals involved with Center of The Golden One, and their friends and family, with practical tools to respond effectively to emergencies, following the spiritual teachings of Kalindi.

Research shows that a useful part of preparing for emergencies is to have hands-on practical learning experiences, develop decision-making skills, create muscle memory, and develop confidence in your planning for an actual emergency.

Members of the Center communities in the United States and Latin America participated in a 24-hour Emergency Preparedness Practicum, September 17-18, to experience a sheltering-in-place emergency scenario which included disruption of water, electricity, natural gas, and internet for an extended period. Cell phone coverage was available as long as individuals were able to keep their phones charged.

This enabled people to use their shelter-in-place supplies and live for 24 hours without access to the comforts they are so used to. Those who did not feel able to shelter in place, were able to evacuate to the house of another friend or group participating in the Practicum.

Members who participated in the Practicum came together by Zoom after the day to share accomplishments and lessons learned. People were grateful to have this experience and to support each other in the process of waking up their awareness and taking action to be prepared for emergencies of all kinds.


If you want to learn more and participate in the Center’s Emergency Preparedness program, contact Donna@miracle.org.