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Practice Positive Gratitude

Oct 26, 2022 | Inspiration, Kalindi

In Kalindi’s talk “Practice Positive Gratitude,” She gives us a helpful daily focus and a prayer…

“Just every day, you should have gratitude when you wake up.

‘Lord, thank you for another day that I can be with You, I can serve You, I can live, I can be alive for one more day. I hope I can feel You more and that You can feel my love for you.’

That’s how you should be waking up.”


April 14, 2008


Practice Positive Gratitude – Audio File

*When Kalindi was asked how She wanted to be described to people who had not met Her yet, She said:

Kalindi speaks on behalf of Lord Gourasana, The Golden One, who is a current-day Incarnation of God. She is His Voice. She embodies the power, the presence, the knowledge, the energy, the love and the special assistance that Lord Gourasana has brought into this planet.