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European Center Moves To Leipzig!

Mar 27, 2023 | News

The European Center is moving from Munich to Leipzig, an alive, young-spirited, rising, middle size town, located between Munich and Berlin. It is the city where Bach composed an unceasing prayer that some say led to the “peaceful revolution” in former East Germany.


Kalindi envisioned the European Center being in a different city. A Think Tank looked for over a year at many suitable places within Europe, and finally suggested Leipzig as the new location. This choice received enthusiastic support from The Lady, the Home Center, and the broader Center community.

In the summer of 2022, the first pioneer group checked out the areas for housing and job possibilities in Leipzig. Now in March 2023, twelve people have already moved. They found several beautiful apartments in the most attractive parts of town, easy bike rides apart.

In June, more people will come, and by fall, the whole Path to Ultimate Freedom group, Pre-Path, and more Freedom Walk members will have moved. Then, the search for a Center facility will start.

What we are doing is very big, and it feels completely right knowing in our hearts that Gourasana is guiding us and giving us strength. Kalindi is giving us wings, and The Lady is standing us up with her love, enthusiasm, and inspiration.