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Gourasana’s Words of Inspiration

Mar 27, 2023 | Inspiration

Gourasana Spoke Words of Truth and Inspiration

“The truth cannot be understood with the mind. If the truth could be understood with the mind, then everyone who reads the scriptures or books of truth would be enlightened. But the words cannot convey the truth. They can only direct you to where the truth is. The teachings take you to a gateway, but in order to go through that gateway, you must leave everything behind, including the teachings. The teachings that took you to the gateway are no longer relevant. Now you must step through the gateway. And in a totally receptive state without concepts, you must completely let go of everything. In this state, you step through the gateway and the truth will come.”

Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death, 4th Edition, #374

“You have come to the gateway of the universe. You have seen it. And I will take you through that gateway. I have waited so long for you to come Home. You cannot imagine My desire. I have not forgotten you for a second. I am only concerned about you and I am determined; if you can also become determined, then everything is possible.”

Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death, 4th Edition, #38.

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