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Expand Your Awareness

Mar 16, 2021 | News & Events

Expand Your Awareness!

We have a new name for our monthly spiritual discussion evenings!

We are now calling these evenings “Expand Your Awareness.” This is a time each month when our growing community gathers and embarks on a collective spiritual exploration for a couple of hours. Together we take an in-depth journey into the monthly topic and share from many different perspectives with open-mindedness and curiosity. Through self-inquiry and group discussion our consciousness grows both collectively and individually. This is what it means to “Expand Your Awareness” and we do it through honesty, depth, compassion, and open-hearted sharing. We hope you can join us for the next one!

It is true that you will constantly expand and your awareness will constantly grow. But on this plane there are constant interruptions, so a special push is being made to move you beyond this plane of existence into a plane where you can truly expand without interruption. Here on this plane of illusion, there is still a feeling of moving backward and forward, but once you are off this plane of existence, you will only be moving forward – endless light and love.


from “Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death, #104