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Remembering Kalindi La Gourasana

Apr 18, 2021 | Inspiration

Every year on April 18th, Center of The Golden One acknowledges Kalindi La Gourasana, Spiritual Master for the World, Voice of God who passed from the body on this date in 2010.

With Gourasana and The Lady, Kalindi founded Center of The Golden One and created two serious spiritual paths for those who desire rapid transformation back Home.

Kalindi’s only desire and purpose in life was to assist people in finding true spiritual freedom and full union with God.

Please enjoy Kalindi speaking about freedom in Her video: “You Will Be Free.” We invite you to let Her words touch your heart and soul.

Love for You from The Lady

The Lady is Kalindi’s First Disciple and is the current living Spiritual Master for Center of The Golden One. She, like Kalindi, is a Spiritual Master for the World, which means she carries the presence of God for the world and provides a way back Home to God for those who desire it.

With love and encouragement for you, The Lady sends you these gifts of inspiration during this challenging time we are living in.

Click below to download your gifts from The Lady.

A point of Light Prayer Card

A Devoted LIfe mp3 audio file

Anyone in the world can be a disciple of Kalindi and The Lady if they resonate with them in their heart. Their teachings, love, and guidance are for everyone.