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For You From The Lady

Aug 18, 2021 | The Lady

I wish to share with you the first Love-Card Kalindi gave to me in 1987. At that time, Kalindi was referred to as Carol and my name was Gayle. The card is titled “What is a Friend?” and it accompanies a personal letter for me from Carol. Both letter and card reflect the extraordinary natural attraction we had for each other before we even knew of the Divine Destiny bestowed upon us from Lord Gourasana to serve Him and His Mission of God’s Love on this earth by breaking the cycle of birth and death, as the people of the Path to Ultimate Freedom are endeavoring, and by becoming freer and freer of binding illusions, as the people of the Freedom Walk Path are endeavoring.

Since the theme of this newsletter is “Brotherhood,” I thought it would be wonderful to share with you how it was for us from the beginning and now into Eternity.

In love and friendship,

T H E   L A D Y
First Disciple of Kalindi La Gourasana
August 19, 2021

To download The Lady’s gift for you, “What is a Friend?” click below.

“What is a Friend?” – PDF download

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The Lady is Kalindi’s First Disciple and is the current living Spiritual Master for Center of The Golden One. The Lady, like Kalindi, is a Spiritual Master for the World, which means she carries the presence of God for the world and provides a way back Home to God for those who desire it.