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Jul 26, 2023 | The Lady

Spiritual Books: A Path of Inspiration and Awakening

The Lady wants everyone to know how much profound spiritual movement can come from reading spiritual truth and teachings from Kalindi and Gourasana – regardless of whether someone is participating with Center of The Golden One or not. By studying and learning from Their speaking – which offers powerful truth and guidance from the Highest Source – you can gain tremendously in your spiritual endeavor.

Early in her spiritual life, before she met Carol and David Swanson, The Lady started her search for truth by reading spiritual books from many different spiritual teachers. The Lady didn’t have much money at that time, so she would go to secondhand bookstores and sit on a little stool in the religious/spirituality section, reading books and trying to find some spiritual sustenance – so thirsty was she to learn and grow in spiritual matters.

The Lady tells her story in this lively 2-minute video, which we invite you to watch for inspiration and to hear her speaking about the value of studying books of spiritual truth.

Video excerpt from the Worldwide Day with The Lady on July 21, 2018

The Lady further comments about exploring spiritual texts:

When you read, you have to read with discretion and you have to read with awareness. Take the inspiration and throw the rest out.

You want to refine your reading material. Look for the books that really have some substance.

The Lady
Retreat 2014

Even if you are on a different spiritual path, you can read Gourasana and Kalindi for first class spiritual movement that will only enhance the path that you are on. Kalindi’s father is a good example of this. Kalindi’s father was a dedicated disciple of a master from another spiritual path, but he also loved to read transcripts of the talks from Lord Gourasana. He recognized the truth and wisdom in these transcripts, and applied them to his spiritual endeavor with great benefit – even though his path was with a different master.

Kalindi saw how much Her father, a serious spiritual aspirant, was gaining from reading the truth and wisdom of Gourasana and this inspired Her to want to create books of Her spiritual teachings and guidance for all people who are seeking spiritual transformation – no matter what spiritual path or spiritual practice they are participating in. Kalindi wanted people to know they can move spiritually very rapidly with Her books and talks, without being involved with any of the programs or paths of Center of The Golden One.


This month we are highlighting Kalindi’s Seven Essential Qualities for Spiritual Success because it is both an excellent place to start for people newly on their spiritual quest, and it can help deepen the awareness of those further along on a spiritual path. This book is for anyone who is serious about improving their spiritual life.

In, Kalindi’s Seven Essential Qualities for Spiritual Success, She says:

“God has given you so many tools to use in order that the functioning of your life can go smoothly in order that your spiritual quest and search for God can go smoothly.
 You have to use the tools that are within you that are inherent qualities. As you evolve more and more toward a state of full awareness, your inherent qualities will become greater and greater, as you connect more and more to the Divine Source, from where all qualities come.
Give God – and give yourself – the gift of your inherent qualities
so that you become a being of God’s love in this world.”

The Lady introduces the book with this passage:

Desire for God, as well as trust and faith in God, are at the core of having a loving and personal relationship with God. Out of desire, trust, and faith, the bases of transformation ­– and the work – begins.

Supporting trust, faith, and desire are the God-given qualities of courage, determination, inner strength, humility, and action. By mindfully developing and applying these qualities with a focus to know God, a real and dynamic relationship with God will be experienced.

When difficulties arise – and they will – by resourcefully immersing yourself in these essential qualities, you will change, you will overcome obstacles, and you will especially be able to remain true to your desire for God.

A life given in love and devotion to the pursuit of God results in the joy, inner peace, and harmony of being with God. It all begins with desire, trust, and faith.

For a taste of Kalindi’s inspiration and guidance, The Lady is giving you Chapter 3, “Desire Is Everything.” Kalindi’s words are simple and easy to understand, and the effect on someone’s life who hears and acts on this truth can be extremely powerful.

Click below to download this inspiration from Kalindi.

Desire Is Everything – PDF File

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The Lady is the living Spiritual Master for Center of The Golden One. She is also a Master for the World, which means she carries the presence of God for the world and provides a way back Home to God for those who desire it. 

Anyone in the world can be a disciple of The Lady if they resonate with her in their heart. The Lady’s teachings, love, and guidance are for everyone. 

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