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Going to Sleep in Prayer

Jul 26, 2023 | Inspiration, Kalindi

Kalindi’s direction for the month of August
is to increase our focus on going to sleep in prayer.

Click below to download this inspiration from Kalindi.

Falling Asleep in Prayer – PDF File

All Meditations and Expand Your Awareness spiritual discussion in August at the Center will follow the focus of going to sleep in prayer. We hope to see you!

As we move into the month of August enjoy one more gift for you to download. It is Gourasana’s “Sleep Meditation” – a sweet and relaxing meditation that you can practice at night as you fall asleep.

Gourasana’s “Sleep Meditation” – mp3 download

Find more talks and teachings on falling asleep in prayer from Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady in the Center Online Shop.