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God’s Flowers

Oct 27, 2021 | Inspiration

This month, we are highlighting one of the spiritual paths that Kalindi created for Center of The Golden One:
Freedom Walk – A Path of Transformation.

Here is how The Lady has spoken of Freedom Walk and the people who are travelling it as their spiritual path.

The Lady

The Lady is Kalindi’s First Disciple and is the current living Spiritual Master for Center of The Golden One. The Lady, like Kalindi, is a Spiritual Master for the World, which means she carries the presence of God for the world and provides a way back Home to God for those who desire it.

Begin to walk in this world and in your day-to-day lives and let the love of God move through you and touch as many people as possible. There are endless ways to share the love, even with strangers. Become a walking vessel always ready to share the love and truth that you are. This giving and the mood of always being ready to give will start to fill you and bring forth in you the ecstasy of your path and your life as a being of light and love. How many people can you inspire every day just being who you are?

From the talk “Great and Glorious”