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What is Freedom Walk?

Oct 21, 2021 | News & Events

Freedom Walk is a path of transformation, rooted in the teachings of the Founders: Gourasana, Kalindi and The Lady.


Freedom Walk is currently guided by The Lady, the Spiritual Master for Center of The Golden One. Those on the Freedom Walk Path have the opportunity to be in relationship with The Lady and benefit personally and intimately from the spiritual direction and guidance that she constantly brings forth for the spiritual movement of those participating with the Center, and anyone who wishes to become closer to God in their heart.

Kalindi created the Freedom Walk Path to be:

  • a serious path of getting closer to God, getting freer of illusion, and advancing towards ultimate freedom
  • a path of growing God-consciousness
  • a path of giving, loving, and self-realization of the true spiritual pleasure that comes from giving in service to God
  • a path of meditating
  • a path of ecstasy and joy – that results from
  • a deep personal connection to God and bringing God’s love into the world

With the Freedom Walk Path, you can walk your personal journey with God in association with others on this path and the assistance of spiritual support from the spiritual guidance in the talks, teachings, practices, and regular meditations and events at the Center.

The Freedom Walk is a path of growing God-consciousness. And how do we grow God- consciousness? We grow it through a selection of spiritual practices – meaning meditation, prayer and service – and that facilitates an authentic self-transformation. What does transformation mean? It means you become freer of the obstacles of illusion so that you can get closer to God. Then you are living closer to a live relationship with God. Then you’re living with the different attributes of God that He wants for this earth, such as the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

T H E  L A D Y
May 9, 2014


Adriana speaks about her journey as a member of the Freedom Walk Path. 

You can download the Freedom Walk Path Handbook, which outlines in detail the principles of this Path.

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