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In Honor of The Lady

Feb 16, 2024 | The Lady

The Lady’s Birthday Celebration

Kalindi always wanted us to celebrate The Lady’s birthday with a Center holiday each year.

This year, The Lady’s birthday celebration weekend starts on Thursday, February 29th and goes through Monday, March 4th.

For her birthday, The Lady has always wanted people to do something for themselves, with God:

Give to yourself, rejoice in God,
and do something you would not normally do.
Take this day to take care of yourself and be in deep prayer.
Let it be pleasurable, personal, and nurturing. Meditate on what this day will be for you, different for each one of you.
Buy flowers for your altar, maybe take a long walk, or have a massage.
Write a prayer to God. Put a copy on your altar and give a copy away to another person.
Throughout the day look at everything you are grateful for and thank the Lord – even for the adversity and challenges in your life that bring you strength, determination, and courage.
Perform one conscious act of love for another person – friend, family, or stranger – an act of random kindness and care.

Every year, everyone is invited to send a love message to The Lady for her birthday. All the messages from around the world are compiled into a beautiful Birthday Book and given to The Lady on her birthday.

Whether you know The Lady personally or not, you are welcome to send her a birthday love message. Please email your message to by Friday, February 23rd.

Also, this year in honor of The Lady’s birthday we have created a special fund in support of a new YouTube channel featuring the Founders of Center of The Golden One: Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady!

If you would like to donate to the YouTube Channel Project in honor of The Lady’s Birthday, go here:

The Lady is the living Spiritual Master for Center of The Golden One. She is a break-free Master and a Spiritual Master for the World, which means she carries the presence of God for the world and provides a way back Home to God for those who desire it. 

Anyone in the world can be a disciple of The Lady if they resonate with her in their heart. The Lady’s teachings, love, and guidance are for everyone. 

You can also read more about The Lady.