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Kalindi and The Lady

Feb 16, 2024 | Inspiration, Kalindi

My Lady of the Lord

The most holy Divine One,
My Lady of the Lord,
Ever splendid are the words she whispers.
Her touch is fresh and cool like the petals of a rose.
Her love for God is beyond compare, unfathomable,
As well as it is for all sentient beings.
Her compassion for mankind has tears, buckets of tears –
Many, many years crying for the people of this world,
Praying for the people of this world.
Holy, most pure Lady, my first disciple,
If it were not for you, the master would not have come forth in this body.
Because of you the people of the world can return back Home to God –
Because you found your master in your great surrender to God,
And you said yes to your transformation
and you have manifested in the glory of God.
This body could see, “Yes, now I can go forward
to the hundreds and thousands who are waiting.”
And with you by my side the people will not be let down.
Because one person says yes, so much can happen.
Lady, you are more than words can say,
As you lay within the Divine One
And shower your love and grace to this world of people.
Lady, I am forever at your feet
And take shelter in your lap
And there I shall rest, most Holy Lady of the Lord.

January 12, 2008

Kalindi spoke often about Her love and reverence for The Lady, and about who The Lady is for humankind.

In Her talk, “Holy and Magnificent,” Kalindi says of The Lady:

“She’s from God. She’s straight from God. She’s a being that is so pure, and she is like an angel from God. She has power in her from God that helps you to just go inside of yourself and find God. It’s like some magical thing.”

Listen to Kalindi speaking about The Lady by downloading this talk and transcript for free.

Kalindi is a Spiritual Master for the World who came with the Incarnation of God, Gourasana, to help people – who are ready, willing, and able – to break the cycle of birth and death and achieve full union with God in this lifetime. Kalindi passed from the body in 2010, but Her energy, power, and spiritual assistance are still present and available to anyone who desires to connect with Her.