There are many ways to participate with Center of The Golden One: Introductory Offerings, Meditations, Seminars, Special Events and Community Activities. Explore the overview of our offerings below. Click the register button and get details about each offering and to register.

Please note: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, all Center activities during this time are happening via Zoom webinar format or live stream only. Please join us!

Introductory Offerings

“I love to attend the Expand Your Awareness Evenings. I am always struck by how openly and honestly people share – and that I can relate to so much of what other people are experiencing in life. It gives me a sense of belonging and not being isolated in my feelings.”


Introductory offerings include evenings of meditation, monthly evenings of spiritual discussion and exploration, and informal brunches. These offerings give you a taste of what is available at Center of The Golden One.

Gourasana Meditation Practice

The Gourasana Meditation Practice (GMP) helps to release pent-up feelings and assists in going deeper than the limits of the mind. It is infused with a special spiritual energy that Gourasana called the “Transformational Energy” which assists us in opening deeply to be filled with higher truth, love, and awareness.

The Center hosts many meditation offerings ranging from introductory evenings of meditation to day-long workshops.

“I’ve noticed that since practicing this meditation on an almost weekly basis, I am better able to recognize that emotions are just emotions and they do not have to control me. I can allow them to move through me and see them as a doorway to greater peace if I stay open. I have also started to feel the emergence of a higher power’s presence in my life, which is something I have long struggled with finding. It is definitely a process that will take some time for me, so I keep showing up and praying to feel more love and light.”


Love’s Awakening Seminar

“I feel like I could talk forever about the amount of never ending love and gratitude I feel for not only myself but others that I did not feel before. The biggest thing for me was about just never giving up. Discipline was a big thing for me. Having the discipline to take life on and get in difficult situations and take them on. The Seminar gave me the tools to understand how to apply everything that was taught here and just through life, how to apply the tools. But most importantly to love and trust God. It’s the light in God that is guiding me through.”


The work of the Love’s Awakening Seminar is to go within to the depth of your soul’s longing – where you can connect directly with the unconditional love and transformational energy of God. No matter what your spiritual desire or affiliation, no matter what your goals are in life, the Seminar can help you evolve at a very rapid rate.

Annual Retreat and Other Special Events

The primary Special Event of the Center is our annual retreat. This year The Lady, who is the living Spiritual Master for the Center, will lead the Retreat.

In addition, each Center offers a wide variety of other programs and activities including volunteer education, advanced spiritual workshops, as well as community activities and social gatherings.


Our worldwide communities provide support and association with others who are practicing the GMP and who are applying the spiritual teachings from Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady.

We have locations throughout the world where people gather in person for meditation and events, and the Center’s community also includes many from across the world who participate remotely via computer.