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Thank you Kalindi

Apr 12, 2022 | Inspiration, Kalindi

Kalindi is one of the Founders of Center of The Golden One, along with Gourasana and The Lady. As a Spiritual Master for the World, Kalindi brought many, many spiritual teachings and messages for the world at large – urging humankind to remember God in their hearts and letting people know there is a way to find true spiritual freedom and full union with God in this lifetime.


Kalindi passed from the body in April of 2010, but Her Energy, Presence, and Power are still very much alive and available and can be tangibly experienced by going within with a sincere desire to connect with Her.

In this video, you can hear excerpts of Kalindi’s talk called, “Destiny is Calling You.”

Download the full audio recording here.

Learn more about Kalindi here.